Simple things and simple minds!

I ordered a bunch of skirting board samples to decide what to use for the new room. Next thing I knew was my 4 year old son started to use those perfectly cut small blocks as building blocks to make to build a castle lol What’s funny was that the profile we decided to go with is also called Castle. Who needs to buy building blocks when they can just use the skirting boards samples to play with hahahaha.

Caught Speeding?

If you have been caught speeding – even if it is only a few miles per hour in excess of the speed limit, it could mean the loss of your licence, and the risk of losing your job with all that this entails. Many employers will have a clause in their contracts that you must have adriving licence as part of the job description, meaning that losing your licence may be grounds for dismissal.

Litigation Funding Questions

Litigation funding is a relatively new idea that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Many people, however, view it as a rather grim sort of finance akin to a gamble.


So what is litigation funding?


When a claimant decides to bring a case to court, it is going to cost money; often large sums of money. If the claimant has a good case, but doesn’t have the money to fund it, justice may not prevail. This is because costs are only awarded at the end of a case, and if the claimant is successful in their claim.


Litigation funding therefore allows the claimant to defer payment of the fees until the end of the case, and only if the claim is successful.


So, is litigation funding a loan?


Well, in one sense, yes; but it is only repaid if the claimant wins.


Won’t this bring about lots of unwarranted claims?


Well, a claim is a claim, and justice is in the eye of the beholder. If the claimant feels aggrieved, then he, she or the company is entitled to bring a claim against their opponent.


In addition, litigation funders are only going to fund cases that have a reasonable merit of success, therefore, they will be scrutinised by counsel before being funded. This means that there must be some reasonable grounds and evidence for the claim, that the funders believe will reach a successful outcome for the claimant.


Doesn’t this skew the lawyers’ incentive to win the case?


Lawyers are going to be motivated to win the case for two simple reasons:


1)   The fees are usually on a Conditional Fee Agreement (“CFA”) basis which forms the basis that fees are deferred unless the claim is successful.

2)   Lawyers often include an ‘uplift’ in their fees if the case is successful, as a ‘bonus’ for winning the claim

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Direct Access – Interview with Isabelle Parasram, Employment Barrister at ShenSmith Barristers


Jonathan Maskew: Today I am chatting with Isabelle Parasram with regards to direct access to barristers. Good morning. 

Isabelle Parasram: Good morning.

Jonathan Maskew: So tell us the benefits of coming to a barrister directly.

Isabelle Parasram: One of the things that I think is most appealing to lay clients (that can include individuals and businesses) is the fact they can experience significant cost savings in coming directly to a barrister. By going direct to a barrister, they are cutting out, effectively, the “middle man”. They’re accessing an expert immediately; usually within 24 hours if they work through ShenSmith Barristers and other chambers that have that level of service. They then are presented with the option of having very affordable legal advice that reaches the top levels of expertise. So that’s the primary reason.

Jonathan Maskew: Ok, so I understand. Are those cost fixed, or are they on ongoing basis?


See the interview and Read more about direct access to barristers here

Drug Driving and the haulage industry

Drug Driving and the haulage industry

The new law comes into force in England and Wales on 2.3.15. Should truckers be concerned?

Prohibited Drugs
If a driver has any one of a number of proscribed drugs in his bloodstream he will be breaking the law. The levels are different for each drug although they are set very low indeed. Therefore, even trace levels in the bloodstream will amount to an offence. The specified drugs include cocaine, heroin, cannabis, ketamine, LSD, and MDMA. Those for whom a night out at the weekend includes a snort of cocaine or an ecstasy tablet should be very concerned about the new law. There is no requirement, as there is with the current law, to show that the ability to drive was impaired. Simply the presence of the prohibited drug at a trace level within the bloodstream will amount to the commission of the offence. Given that traces of drugs can remain in the bloodstream for days after ingesting them this means that the risk of detection is prolonged.

Full article from a road traffic barrister at ShenSmith Barristers

What is a barrister?

What is a barrister?

A barister is a lawyer that will ordinarily specialise in one, or a select few areas of law in order to provide specialist and expert advice and representation. Traditionally, the barrister was the only lawyer with ‘rights of audience’ to represent you in court, and would be called upon as required by a solicitor to represent you and your case in court.

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World’s Most Popular Manufacturers of Table Saws

The market is highly competitive when it comes to producing table saws. Some of the most powerful names in 2015 woodworking and power tools have worked to provide the world with some of the best table saws available. Some of the most popular brands are listed below:

  • Dewalt
  • Black and Decker
  • Delta
  • Ryobi
  • Sawstop
  • Makita
  • Bosch

The Pros of Table Saws

There are many positive aspects of table saws that entice consumers to these products. Some of these great features are listed below.

  • All table saws come with a small but powerful compact motor. This allows the table saw to power through ripping into some of the densest materials.
  • New safety measure have been put into effect and now the table saws that are purchased come with many new features such as blade guards and rip fences that will enhance safety.


The Cons of Table Saws

There are a few negative aspects of these 2015 table saws that are important to highlight so that consumers may make an informed decision. These negative aspects are listed below.

  • While measures have been taken to ensure safety table saws still have the occasional instance of kickback and other malfunctions that have led to serious injury or death in the operator. For safety reasons operators are instructed to never stand in the direct path of the blade or the fence when the machine is in use.
  • Blades tend to become dull easily and often have to be replaced many times.
  • These types of saws at times become unaligned which can lead to kickback and other issues with the machine.